Friday, August 17, 2012

And so it begins again!

I had a blog for a while, but lost interest in it about 2 1/2 years ago. (Reasons will come up later, I’m sure). I work full time, which interferes greatly with my knitting. However, no work = no yarn = unhappy me! So I make do! 
I am grandmother to 7 of the most amazing human beings in this world!! They have given (and continue to give) me so much joy!! They range in age from almost 18 to 7 months. I am sure they will come up in this blog occasionally! ( :) )
I work for a long term care pharmacy as a Q A Consultant. I have no office but stay in the field – a different home every day. If I had to go back into working in an office all day, I would absolutely go nuts. I like meeting different people and developing relationships in my homes.
I also have an amazing group of knitting friends who are very dear to me. They challenge me to learn new knitting skills – like my friend, Donna, who is forcing me to learn to knit bobbles.  Seriously? Bobbles were created by the devil to drive knitters insane…just sayin’…
And I have an amazing Church family too!! The Bridge is a new ministry, and, while we are small, we continue to grow weekly. God has blessed us with an amazing pastor and dedicated people. I absolutely adore my church! And my church family!!!
Enough for the first day…

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