Friday, September 21, 2012

Back to Work!!

Because I became a lazy slug during my week off, not much knitting was done ~ I read a lot!! But that is OK. Back to knitting this week.

A cupcake hat is on my agenda this weekend because the baby shower is coming up next weekend. So I must finish the hat before then. The lady receiving this hat is a dear girl - one of my other daughters... she says she is  my favorite!!
And some days she is!!!

I have 2 hats to make for grandsons ~ got some great yarn in New Orleans in March, and am using it for the boys' hats. Granddaughters' hats are done, but slippers are also on the list. And there is always a "Harry Potter" scarf for my son that I need to work on!! So I need to concentrate on the knitting for a while. Pictures will be posted here when done.

Have an awesome weekend!! Looks like fall has come to Georgia!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Knitting Week

I am taking a week off from work. I was supposed to go to the beach, but that fell through, so I will enjoy a staycation, and spend the week doing a lot of knitting,  reading, napping, etc. I have some chores that I need to get out of the way first, though.

Now, you have to know that my co-workers are all in shock at the fact that I am taking a whole week off. I rarely take a day off, much less a whole week at a time. And that is only if I am sick or have a family thing going on. (Asthmatic Bronchitis of February 2012 took 1 week of my newly acquired 3)

I rarely am not running up and down the highways visiting Assisted Living and Nursing homes. I love my job, but we all need a break sometime. I am exhausted!! Of course, getting up at 6 am on the first day of my vacation was not a great start!! But my business phone is OFF!! That is a definite miracle!!!

So I hope to get a lot of knitting done and see grandchildren. Also there is a little boy I need to go have coffee with...hope to do that this week too!!

More later...