Friday, January 18, 2013

Long time ~ No blogging!

So I have been busy! Work has kept me running all over the state, and Christmas knitting was finished in time for Christmas! Woo Hoo!!! Highlights were hat to match Harry Potter scarf for my son, slippers for oldest granddaughter, scarves and hats for 2 younger granddaughters, and hats for 2 youingest grandsons. Pretty good If I do say so myself!! I did finish a scarf I had started several years ago and knitted a hat for me!! Yes! for me!!! I always give my knitting away so I decided to make me something!!

So now I am trying to finish a sock, a scarf for Gali, and a scarf out of that ruffly yarn that Red Heart makes. So cool!!

Knitting goal for 2013: I would like to knit Christmas stockings for my 5 youngest grandchildren this year. That's the plan (but you knoe what they say about plans!!) I am going to try and with the help of some friends, I may get it done! Hopefully I will, and then maybe the 2 older boys next year...we shall see!!

Life is busy, busy!! Traveling this past week for work, every day booked for the rest of the month...seriously!!


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