Thursday, October 4, 2012

And What a week!!

So life keeps going!!

A little bit of knitting accomplished and I did finish the baby hat before the shower ~ which I did not get to attend...

My daughter had an abcess on her face that got infected and developed a staph infection on her cheek. So...we spent the weekend in the hospital with her having IV antibiotics and her "wound" cultured numerous times...not to mention that blood draws from those vampires that live in hospital labs at night!! Thankfully, she is much better and continues to take antibiotics at home. And her cheek looks really good ~ she will have a scar though.
(one day I will blog about my family ~ gotta love them!!)

Anyway, I did get some knitting done while she slept. I really do need to get back on track with Christmas galloping toward us!!

Hopefully, this concludes life drama for a while! Let's settle down and go with the flow for a while!!

Knit on, people!!!

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